Got a question about Cliffhanger?  Check out the frequently asked questions below.  If you don't see an answer to your specific question, please email us by clicking "Contact Us" on the navigation menu of any page.

1. What is the cost to register?
There is a tax-deductible registration fee of $20 to play Cliffhanger.  We recommend the registration fee be paid by one member, and must be in your "bank" prior to the game beginning.  
2. What is the premise of Cliffhanger?

Cliffhanger is a concept we devised during "Relentless" in 2017.  The game itself is themed around movies, and each day's competition will involve physical and/or mental challenges that may be 100% based upon a specific film, or could be a mix of many films or genres.  Think of it as "Relentless" with movies instead of the NCAA bracket theme we used in 2017.

Once the game begins, you'll get a better understanding of what we mean by "Cliffhanger".  We don't want to give too much away.



3. How do I register to participate in Cliffhanger?
  • To initially register to participate, click on "Join the Game" on the navigation bar on the left side of any page of this website. 
  • Once you've entered the registration page, complete the form and click submit.
4. How will scoring for Cliffhanger work?
Elements throughout the game will be scored using a pre-determined point value.
5. How long will the game last each day?
Cliffhanger takes place from 11:30 - 12:30 on Wednesdays beginning June 26th and ends on August 7th.  Please note:  There is no game play during the week of the 4th of July.  
6. Do I need permission from my supervisor to participate?
Although each individual's circumstances vary, it would be advisable to speak to your immediate supervisor to let them know you would like to participate in an MMC charity event.  Why not recruit them to join the game with you?  It is our desire to be as inclusive with every area of the building so that ANYONE may have the opportunity to have fun and help out our charities.
7. How many participants can compete?
Teams are limited to 4 individuals, but team count is unlimited.
8. I'd like to play, but need more people for my team.  Can you help?
If you are having trouble lining up "co-stars" for your team, please contact us in casting and we'll work to match you up with others interested in playing the game.


9. What should I wear to participate?
As was the case with HVZ2, RELENTLESS, LEGEND, SURVIVOR, & THE AMAZING RACE, we strongly recommend comfortable attire (definitely tennis shoes).  Use common sense regarding what is and is not appropriate...if you aren't sure, check with game organizers.
10. Will the game take place indoors and outdoors?
The game could take place...anywhere.
11. Are there OTHER RULES to consider?
  • If there is a disagreement between players or teams regarding any aspect of the game, players/teams are responsible for working out a fair solution between themselves. CLIFFHANGER must rely on the honor system and the professional and fair play of those involved, so have fun and don't take things too seriously.  If you are unable to reach a resolution, all conflict will be arbitrated by the game organizers, possibly to the detriment of all teams involved in the conflict.
  • Please avoid running in the building.  Quick walking is fine, but we've had nearly 10 years of limited accidents, and we want to keep our streak going!
  • Pick up after yourself.
  • Respect individuals who aren't in the game and be aware of your noise level.
12. What are the SAFETY RULES?

To insure that we execute a safe but extremely awesome event, there are a number of rules authorities have provided to those participating in CLIFFHANGER:

  • No weapons allowed
  • Be certain to wear your company-issued would be sad to lose your chance to win the game because you're trapped in a stairwell
  • Be aware of individuals and vehicles if you are in the street or parking lots
  • Again, be aware and careful around non-participants
  • Indoors be respectful from a noise level of others who are working or may be on conference calls
  • No running indoors (we state a few of these things multiple times just to be sure we reach you)
13. How will we be eliminated from the game?
Part of the allure of Cliffhanger is a bit of ambiguity and unresolved questions, so we'll just leave it there for the moment...perhaps you'll find an upcoming post!
14. Our team was just eliminated, but we really want to win...are we out of luck?
Look at John Travolta or Robert Downey, Jr...both Oscar-nominated actors who have had huge highs and lows in their careers (anyone for Battlefield Earth or Soapdish?)

Cliffhanger allows room for a major "comeback" for any eliminated team, so be prepared if the time comes for you to make your own version of "Pulp Ficton" or "Iron Man".
15. Do I have to raise money?
The purpose of this event is to raise funds for charity in a fun, creative, inclusive and unique way.  As far as individually raising money, that's completely up to each team, and depends upon the twists and turns presented to you during the game.
16. Does the game have anything to do with the 1993 Sylvester Stallone movie?

At this time, we do not anticipate any connection to the Stallone film...other than borrowing the name for our game.  We are mostly focusing on blockbusters that most people will be aware of and know well.  Be real, with a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 52%, I think we can do better than Cliffhanger (the film).  As always, we reserve the right to change our minds.