Got a question about HVZ2: Reanimation?  Check out the frequently asked questions below.  If you don't see an answer to your specific question, please email us by clicking "Contact Us" on the navigation menu of any page.

1. What is the cost to register?
There is a tax-deductible registration fee of $20 to play HVZ2: Reanimation. 
2. How do I register to participate in HVZ2?
  • To initially register to participate, click on "Join the Game" on the navigation bar on the right side of any page of this website. 
  • Once you've entered the registration page, complete the form and click submit.
3. How long will the game last each day?
HVZ2 takes place for 3 consecutive workdays and happens from when you arrive at the office to when you leave the office at night.
4. Do I have to raise money?
The purpose of this event is to raise funds for charity in a fun, creative, inclusive and unique way.  As far as individually raising money, that's completely up to each participant, and depends upon the twists and turns presented to you during the game.
5. Do I need permission from my supervisor to participate?
Although each individual's circumstances vary, it would be advisable to speak to your immediate supervisor to let them know you would like to participate in an MMC charity event.  Why not get them to join the game while you're at it?
6. How many participants can compete?
The participant count is unlimited.
7. What should I wear to participate?
As was the case with RELENTLESS, LEGEND, SURVIVOR, & THE AMAZING RACE, we strongly recommend comfortable attire (definitely tennis shoes).  Use common sense regarding what is and is not appropriate...if you aren't sure, check with game officials.
8. What are the rules for HUMANS?

Identification: Humans must wear on their person the badge issued upon registration. This identifies you to other players as a Human and must remain visible at all times.

Stunning a Zombie: Humans may stun a Zombie for 1 minute by hitting them in an appropriate area with a rolled up pair of socks (you supply your own). During the game, additional methods of repelling or stunning a Zombie may be revealed to participants.

When Tagged by a Zombie: Humans are required to yield their Human ID card to the tagging Zombie as a trophy, who will deliver the card to an attendant at the Reception Desk by the entryway of the office. The human must obtain their zombie identification badge from the Reception Desk immediately. Within a short period of time, the Human who was tagged will be re-categorized online as a Zombie, and can begin tagging other Humans immediately.

To avoid the possibility of a Human hiding or not wearing their badge during the event, committee members or their representatives will randomly check with participants to be sure their badge is fully visible. Any Human found not wearing their badge (or wearing it in a way that is not visible to everyone) will be immediately eliminated from the event.

9. What are the rules for ZOMBIES?

Tagging Humans: Zombies must tag a Human by firmly touching a Human on the shoulder, collecting their Human ID card as a trophy and turning it in to the Reception Desk near the front doors of the office. The human must obtain their zombie identification badge from the Reception Desk immediately. Within a short period of time, the Human who was tagged will be re-categorized online as a member of the Zombie horde.

Identification: Zombies must wear on their person a badge issued by security once they are tagged. This identifies you to other players as a Zombie and must remain visible at all times.

Getting Stunned: When hit with a sock, a Zombie is stunned for 1 minute. A stunned Zombie may not interact with the game in any way. This includes shielding other Zombies from socks or continuing to move toward a Human. If hit with a sock while stunned, a Zombie remains stunned for the next 1 minute (in essence, the clock starts over). Stunned Zombies may continue with business related activities.

10. Are there OTHER RULES to consider?
  • If there is a disagreement between players regarding any aspect of the game (for example, "I tagged you", "No you didn't! I was in a Safe Zone."), players are responsible for working out a fair solution between themselves. HVZ2 must rely on the honor system and the professional and fair play of those involved, so have fun and don't take things too seriously.  If you are unable to reach a resolution, all conflict will be arbitrated by the HVZ2 Committee.
  • People who are not registered participants may not directly interact with the game. This includes bringing food to Humans, or spying for either team.
  • Humans are required to participate in all the mission challenges over the three day period.
  • A Zombie must have both feet outside of a safe zone to tag a Human.
  • Zombies may not use shields to deflect socks.
  • Humans are safe during meetings, but not while in transit.
  • A meeting room is a safe zone for Zombies and Humans both before and after a meeting they attend there. They are vulnerable before they arrive at the room and after they leave.
  • Provided a Zombie is out of a safe zone, a Human can hit the Zombie (with a sock) even if the Human is in the safe zone (to prevent the Zombie from blocking the exit).
  • Even if a Human is out of a safe zone, the Zombie must have both feet outside the safe zone to tag them (this prevents the Zombie from blocking an exit by waiting just inside the door to the exit of a safe zone).
  • To prevent fast walks escalating into running, a Zombie must be in character during a chase and shamble or drag a leg or the like. The weapons of our Zombies are trickery and stealth, not speed.
  • Pick up after yourself. Please do not leave socks on the ground.
  • Game play occurs only during work hours 8 am - 5 pm
  • Socks may be donated at the end of the game, so bring as much ammunition as you like!
11. What are the SAFETY RULES?

To insure that we execute a safe but extremely awesome event, there are a number of rules authorities have provided to those participating in HVZ2:

  • No weapons or realistic toy weapons allowed
  • New, soft (clean) socks may be used to stun a Zombie. Socks may not be altered in any way (duck tape, bars of soap, etc.)
  • Players may not engage in the game when in the street or parking lots
  • Tagging a Human is only valid if on the shoulder
  • No face, head or groin stunning allowed
  • Must be aware and careful around non-participants
  • Indoors be respectful from a noise level of others who are working or may be on conference calls
  • No running indoors
12. What are SAFE ZONES?

Authorities have secured a number of locations at this time where Humans are safe from attack by the Zombie horde. These safety zones include:

  • Your Office and/or Cubicle, although you must have both hands on the cubicle desk to be validly safe.
  • Restrooms
  • Meetings which an employee is actively attending (whether in a safe or unsafe zone)
  • Cafeteria (although the dining room is not safe – be careful of non-participants)
  • Parking Lots, Cars and Streets
  • Mission Challenge Locations
13. What Supplies or Equipment will I need to compete?

At a minimum, participants must arm themselves and carry with them the following items to increase the likelihood of surviving this horrific episode of mayhem:

  • Marsh & McLennan issued HVZ Identification Badge
  • New, clean socks rolled into a ball (multiple pairs are allowed)
  • Optional is the HVZ Arsenal Bag for sale in the Online Store
14. Will the game take place indoors and outdoors?
The game could take place...anywhere.
15. How will we be eliminated from the game?
Zombies are not eligible to win the game except in the case where every participant is a zombie at the end of the 3 days.  If 1 or more humans remain at the end of the 3 days, ALL zombies have been eliminated from the possibility of winning HVZ2.
16. I was just turned into a zombie, and I really want to I out of luck?
As we did during the first version of HVZ, there are a lot of twists and turns over the 3 days of competition, so you can't count yourself out until we declare a winner.  Stay close to your email so you don't miss any updates!
17. What are Alpha Zombies?
These are several individuals who are not labeled as Zombies but actually are…they will use stealth to initially get the game going and may remain a Zombie throughout the course of the competition. When tagged by an Alpha, they will identify themselves as such and provide identification to the tagged Human and collect the trophy badge from the Human as a regular Zombie would.
18. What are Missions?
The human race is counting on you. You’ve got to help rebuild from the ruins of civilization by completing specific challenges over a three day period while avoiding roving zombie hordes. Can you survive?
19. Why do you include address information on the registration page?
In order to provide receipt and/or information for tax deduction purposes where applicable, address information is requested.